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Community Support

We receive several requests every month asking us to support local fundraisers, events and organizations. We are proud to be a local business and one of our core beliefs is to strengthen our community and provide a neighbourhood gathering place!

With that being said, there are tons of great initiatives out there, but we are just one company. We believe that in order to have a significant effect with our charitable giving, it is important for us to focus on a few causes. For 2023 we have chosen to support the following community organizations:

Parry Sound Harvest Share

The Parry Sound Friendship Centre

We appreciate everyone's effort to be involved in the community and make Parry Sound a better place! Our partnership program is about building bridges between organizations. Our logo is more than an iconic representation of our landmark namesake. It is also a symbol of our commitment to creating links within our community. If you would like to have your initiative considered for our partnership, donation, or support please email us at with the following information: 

-Description of your organization 
-Name, date and location of the event 
-Event details and concept
-Potential number of attendees 
-Specifics as to whom the event will benefit 
-Name, email and phone number of the contact person

We evaluate all requests and will reply to your email with our decision promptly.

Dave & Chris

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