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Trestle Golden Ale

Lagered Ale
5% - 22 IBU
LCBO #540245

Our Flagship Beer. It is a crisp and clean lagered ale modelled after our favourite European Pilsners. We brew it using only high-quality German Pilsner and Vienna malts along with a blend of European and North American hops. It is a perfect dockside drinker.

The label design was pretty obvious from the start. It is a representation of the view from our patio and taproom with some of our favourite Georgian Bay imagery framed under that big Trestle bridge. Available at select establishments in the Parry Sound area. It is currently the only beer we have available through the LCBO and grocery stores. If you would like your local store to carry it please request LCBO SKU #540245. For the full list of where it is currently available click here.  

We have several other beers available exclusively on tap in the Trestle Taproom and in cans in our retail store. 

30, 000 Islands
IPA - 6.3%
30,000 Islands IPA is a new school interpretation of the IPA style. It's neither an East Coast or West Coast style IPA as it takes inspiration from both. We think of it as an East Coast of Georgian Bay kinda beer...

It's soft, resiny with a big tropical fruit profile featuring notes of grapefruit, passion fruit and a touch of lingering dank resinyness. 

Red Rock
Rye Porter - 5.5%
A Canadian take on the American brewpub classic, Red Rock features generous amounts of rye malt, flaked rye, crystal rye and chocolate rye. Slightly roasty, with notes of chocolate, coffee and and earthy spicy character from the rye. 

Hole in the Wall
Helles Lager - 5%
A clean, crisp, bready lager brewed to the traditional Bavarian Purity act of 1516 - the Reinheitsgebot! It is brewed with only high quality imported German Pilsner and Munich malts with German hops providing a subtle balanced bitterness. Pure Georgian Bay water provides the foundation. It is matured for a minimum of 6 weeks allowing the time it needs to develop its' simple complexity which will surely appeal to a wide range of beer lovers. 

Available Seasonally

Rust Never Sleeps
Marzen - 5.4%
Brewed as a celebration of Autumn. Our version of this traditional Bavarian lager focuses on hearty malt flavours of caramel with a balanced bitterness. 

South Channel
Session IPA - 5% - **** ALMOST GONE - CANS ONLY****
An easy drinking IPA. Slightly grassy, with notes of grapefruit and orange zest balanced by a subtle caramel malt backbone that is also reflected in its colour.

Returning Next Year

Salt Dock Jump
Summer Saison - 4.3%
A refreshing and drinkable Summer Saison. Malted wheat, Pilsner malt combine to create a beer which has a doughy malt profile allowing the traditional Belgian Saison yeast to shine through. Fruity, peppery with a balanced bitterness. Named after the Parry Sound rite of passage. 

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Matthew Byrne - An Evening of Story & Song

We're very excited to be hosting Matthew Byrne in the Trestle Taproom! Matthew Byrne’s repertoire is heavily influenced by a musical upbringing and the weaving of a great story with a beautiful melody. He supports this tradition with powerful vocals, polished guitar work, and a presence that fills the room.

“Matt’s interpretation of traditional songs is somehow fresh and ancient at the same time. And his voice is friggin’ perfect.”

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