Nancy's Wit

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Nancy's Wit
Lemongrass Witbier - 4.8%

Brewed in the Belgian style using Canadian two-row barley, flaked wheat, coriander, lemongrass and fermented with a fruity wit strain from Guelph's Escarpment Labs. Aromas of pear and apple lead with a hazy body and thick white head. Flavours of Indian coriander and lemongrass subtly add to the complexity. 

Our Co-Founder Chris Pettinger named this beer in tribute to his mom. 

"This beer was my mom's favourite when Matt brewed it as a test batch back in 2017. In October 1945, she was cited to appear before juvenile court for 'riding abreast of two other persons on her bicycle.' Thank you Justice Bradshaw for not locking her up! While she cannot remember her offence now due to advancing dementia, we will remember it for her, and find the humour and joy in it while remembering who she once was and toasting Nancy's Wit." 

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