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Construction Update #2

Construction Update #2

Taproom View

There has been a lot of progress on the Trestle Brewing Company build and we are super excited to share an update with you. In spite of delays caused by bitterly cold temperatures in December and the break for Christmas holidays, our construction trades have been working hard. Everyday we see progress toward an opening date (which is still a moving target!). The brewery is now fully closed in with doors, garage doors and windows all installed.

The Big Garage Door

In preparation for pouring the floor, there was a lot of plumbing and electrical conduit that needed to be installed in the floor. After talking with several friends in the brewing industry, as well as hearing Matt’s experience at previous breweries, we knew that it is crucial not mess up the floor and what’s underneath it. The chemicals and hot temperatures used to clean brewing vessels can wreak havoc on concrete floors, drains and wastewater plumbing if they’re not properly designed. To reduce the chance of this happening to us, we’ve installed stainless steel drains and all the brewery plant side wastewater piping is a specialized pipe that uses an electrofusion machine to weld the connections together. This week we are having a specialized urethane coating installed on the brewhouse floor to protect the concrete further.


 Electrofusion Connections

Speaking of beautiful concrete, we poured the floor on January 24th and are in love with the results. Who knew that concrete love was a thing! The crew who did the pour are true professionals. The indicators of their mastery of their trade was obvious from their interactions with each other, their happiness in spite of the prospect of a long and tough day ahead, and the way they made it look so easy when it really isn’t at all. It was a concrete ballet… We had fun putting together this video of the process and the results.

With the floor in, construction has really started to move along. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and interior walls are all well underway. Then there’s all the work that’s about to start on the brewery plant side. The next while is going to be a whirlwind and a sprint. Thanks for following along and your continued support.


The Trestle Team

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