We have put together a list of the questions we get regularly and answered them below.
Q- Is your brewery open yet?
A- Nope - not yet! But we started our construction in September 2017 which we are super excited about!
Q- Can I buy your beer to take home now?
A- YES! Our beer has been available at our favourite restaurants and bars in the Parry Sound Area since July 1st 2017. We received authorization to sell beer through grocery stores that are licensed to sell beer in October 2017 and it is now available in select LCBO stores. Check our Where to Buy page for a list of places that sell our beer.
Q- When will you be open?
A- We are aiming to be open Spring 2018. Follow us on social media for updates or subscribe to our newsletter here to get updates as we move forward.
Q- Can I buy your beer online for delivery?
A- Not yet... but we will look to make that happen when we are open. 
Q- Will you be booking weddings and other private events?
A- YES- we will be doing that once we get our doors open.
Q- Will you be giving tours of the brewery?
A- YES - For sure! It is important to us for you to know who we are, what we do and how we do it! The best way to do that is to have you come visit the brewery and get a VIP tour followed by tasty beer samples.
Q- What other styles of beer will you have in addition to your Golden Ale?
A- Matt has been busy designing a number of tasty beers to round out our offerings. We are going to have 8 taps at the Trestle Taproom. Four core year-round beers, two rotating seasonals, a tap for Ontario Craft Cider and a guest tap featuring beers from other awesome Ontario Craft Brewers. 
Q- Will you be serving food?
A- YES- we will be serving food. Our brewery will not be full sit down service but we will have some great food offerings for everyone that pair especially well with our beers. 

Q- Will you be open on holidays?

A- YES- we will be open on most holidays but will probably take some of them off to spend time with friends and family. We will be sure to post our hours and closures once we get underway.

Q- Will your beer be available to buy at the brewery?

A- YES! We will have a retail outlet where you can purchase our beer to take with you.
Q- Gluten is not my friend, what will you have besides beer?
A- We get it... we will have a selection of wine and cider that will suit you.
Should you have other questions please email us at info@trestlecraftbeer.ca
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