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Golden Ale Distribution is Growing!

Golden Ale Distribution is Growing!

Distribution of Trestle Golden Ale is Growing!

First off, a big thank you to everyone for the support of our Golden Ale launch at Parry Sound Sobeys! Cheers to Matt Derouin for supporting local! The number of people buying our beer has surpassed our greatest expectations and we are humbled by your support. We've loved hearing from you and having you share your photos enjoying tasty cold Trestle Golden Ale. Please keep sending us your photos!

We are adding more locations every week where you can buy our flagship beer - Trestle Golden Ale. Grocery stores in North Bay, Innisfil, Orangeville, Lindsay and Vaughan carrying our beer! It's pretty neat to see beer lovers from outside of our area try our beer. It is even better when our beer gets great reviews and customers contact us to find out when they can come visit the brewery!

On the shelf in Orangeville!
On the shelf in Orangeville! Keeping good company...

If you'd like to see our beer in your local licensed grocery store, please ask for them to bring it in, it really does help us get it there.

We are working on distributing Trestle Golden Ale through LCBO stores as we write this but it is a separate process. Hoping for an announcement on that soon! 

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