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20L Keg

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20L Keg of our available beers. Select the style in the drop-down menu. If we don't have the beer you're looking for in this size, it may be in stock in a 30L keg. 

Dimensions:  23⅜” x 9¼” - 58lbs 
Equivalent to approximately: 42 x 473ml tallcans or 56 x 355ml cans

Please Note:

  • This product is only eligible for Store Pick-Up and Draft Craft Delivery.

  • A $120 deposit will be automatically applied for each keg purchased. This deposit is fully refundable whenever a Trestle keg is returned. 

  • Kegs are kept cold at the brewery and will be cold when you pick up. Delivered kegs will leave the brewery cold, but are unlikely to arrive ready to pour. 

  • You can pre-order a keg for Store Pick-Up and we will hold it for you for up to one week. Please send us an email to for this or any other special requests. 

Keg tips & tricks:

  • Temperature and pressure. These are the two things that matter most when it comes to pouring a keg well! The keg needs to be at a proper temperature to pour well. Aim for 4 degrees Celcius. It can take up to 24 hours to fully cool from room temperature in a fridge. 

  • Your regulator should be set to approximately 10psi. This will maintain the proper long-term carbonation of the beer and smooth pouring of the beer. 

  • If you are using a party tap, you don't have long to finish the keg! Since you're introducing air into the keg, it will go flat quickly. Party taps should only be used if you're finishing the keg in a few hours. 
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