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Arrow Pilsner

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Pilsner - 5%

473 mL can of Arrow Pilsner. 

Lagered for 8 weeks, this is an easy-drinking beer with a pilsner malt base that allows the focus to be on the noble hop flavours. Clean & crisp with a spicy bitterness throughout with herbaceous hop aromas from Sterling, Sazz and Tettnanger hops.  

There is an undeniable connection between the development of the Arrow and the Parry Sound area. The powerful Iroquois engines were made and tested in nearby Nobel. Canadians who know the Arrow, mourn the loss of what was an amazing achievement for Canada, and a missed opportunity to become a world leader in the aerospace industry. RL205, depicted here by Canadian artist R. Allan Beckley, was flown only once, in January 1959. 

The West Parry Sound Museum houses artifacts and archives related to the Arrow program that played such an important role in the development of our area. There are many Arrow artifacts linking our local history to this highwater mark in aerospace engineering. The museum owns a travelling exhibit called The Avro Arrow: a Dream Denied that has toured extensively across Canada. 

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