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Charlie's Pub Ale

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Charlie's Pub Ale
ESB - 5.6%

473 mL can of Charlie's Pub Ale. 

A modern take on a classic ESB using imported English malt and French Barbe Rouge hops. Pulling it all together is a fruity English Ale yeast. 

This beer is our nod to Charlie Farquharson. Charlie was once banned from appearing in Parry Sound as a former Mayor felt that he portrayed Parry Sound in a negative light. 

"Nowadaze Parry Sound looks like most uther towns on this continence, thanks to them branched plants of frenchfrises that has sprung up everywhere - Mickdonald's, Burglar King, Kernel Kadaffy Frayed Chicken. Noware will ya see a sine "Home Cookin', cuz all our local burghers is out eaten them malty-nashnul burgurs. This makes everplace into a no place, and it's eezy to fergit ware you is if yer jist passin through at snacktime." 

Cheers, Don! 


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