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Trestle Kegerator

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Enjoy Trestle draft beer on tap at home or the cottage! 


The fridge will hold either:

- 1 x 58.6L keg
- 1 x 30L keg and 1 x 20L keg
-3 x 20L kegs (only two kegs can be connected at a time)

Your purchase includes: 

  • Fully assembled Trestle branded digital thermostat kegerator
  • A 10lb CO2 tank. Additional exchanges are available for a fee if required. 
  • Two Trestle standard tap handles
  • A sleeve of Trestle coasters
  • 6 Trestle Prague style beer glasses
  • Initial delivery and set-up of your unit
  • Weekly pre-ordered delivery available by boat within our delivery areas

What else do I need that's not included?

  • Kegs! We will be making deliveries by boat starting in May and ending in October. If your location is not within our delivery area, not accessible by boat, or you need kegs through the winter they will be available to pick up at the brewery.

The Fine Print:

  • This is not a weatherproof unit. It needs to be stored in a location out of the elements.
  • We can only make exchanges for our CO2 tanks. Third-party tank exchanges will not be accepted.

Other Option:

  • Have commitment issues? Don't want to buy one out right but worried about your kegs getting warm or going flat next weekend? Good, news! You can now rent these units!
  • $100 per day
  • Comes completely ready for use, just plug it in, hook up your kegs, and pour yourself beer!
  • For more information or to reserve yours today, email

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